• We took the kids bowling with friends this weekend for the first time. Epic fun, epic cute on the tiny bowling shoes.
  • I have this really cool gig this week helping a lady decorate her house...which is huge and awesome, just needs some decor :) A dream job for me....to bad there isn't really a market. I'm stoked though, because it's SO.MUCH.FUN!
  • I also have this new job gig...thats not really new, since I've re-applied at the group home I used to work at. I had originally wanted a job where I could dress pretty and get a discount on things, but this pays more and I get to observe psychological disorder, which is really interesting to me...I'm just waiting on the background check.
  • I haven't done anything with my camera for a loooong time. Sad face.
  • The insurance company is taking their sweet time with the van...we still haven't gotten word on whether its going to be totaled or not. Very frustrating, but my mom has been gracious enough to let us use her van for over a week while we wait (not so) patiently for them to get their act together.
  • Bellin Run...can't wait. I'm running with my friend Tanya for sure...should feel pretty accomplished after, since I've always hated running. It's growing on me...but still not my preferred form of exercise.
  • Sky Diving. For my birthday. It's my golden one. With my friend Tanya who also has a June birthday. CANNOT WAIT>>>>really hoping I don't die or pee...ahahahaha. I crack myself up.
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