i picked up my camera again...and it felt amazing.

Photos like these force me to pretend I've got something in my eye.

This kid. It's like he went from a baby to a kid over night. Grew out of all his clothes and started talking like he's 13...and I'm all "excuse me sir..? If you're going to talk like an adult, maybe pooping on a toilet like an adult would also be nice, mmkay?"
Punk...its the word that best describes the phase Trae is in these days. Or maybe motor mouth. Despite his constant questions, he blows me away sometimes with the kinds of questions he asks. It definitely makes me reflect, because they are quite profound questions from a 4 year old.
My beautiful girl...man is she like me. I notice that more now than ever. This photo made me gasp a little when I first previewed it...not your "typical" wall photo, but it's likely the one i'll choose. That dimple makes me want to cry.
He's almost as tall as me now, and he can pick me up. He's become such a guy...less sensitive, more protective. I don't know why, but it breaks my heart when my boy tries to "protect" me...I guess its what boys do?
I look at them and can't believe how fast they've become KIDS.


Easter 2011

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