Archer and Brookelyn's Birthday Bash :)

I spent 5 hours on this cake, gravity was not nice. (although, it was supposed to be crooked and leaning...it wasn't supposed to look like he was falling off the cake. I improvised and made his hat so it looked somewhat intentional :) )
sugar...(these were the favors...simple and sweet. pun!)

and more sugar!
birthday puppy :)
Speedy (how original!)
loving his ride on the tortoise.
approximately 70 years old!
peeking to see what animals were in the trailer...
a miniature horse!

baby clown...
he was fine until we totally squeezed his real nose off with the foam clown nose.
clown action
i owe these guys, but especially Casey...who is my brother-in-law. I literally choked on my soda when Misty, my sister...his wife, said "you look like an Urkel clown or something..." when he walked out of the bathroom. Thanks dude :)
Then I suggested he juggle on this thing, thinking he would tell me he has limits...but he went for it!
face painting.

Kelbert family photo card.


Elliot trying to make Archer sit still to have his face painted.
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