Grandpa & Grandma's 50th wedding anniversary

The whole gang (minus Casey, who had to work) Sorry mom, this was the only not blurry photo...


August Days~ Wautoma, Wi (this post is screwy...i have no clue)

tired and happy :)

Who could resist a game of kornhole jr? win a prize every time...The kids fed Llama's.

issTrae milked a goat...Brookelyn politely declined, like 24 times...the lady thought it was a experience not to be passed up!
He loved the root beer bear....

Poor Anya got lost in the jump house...so Auntie Amber crawled in to rescue her. Through tunnels and around a zillion kids...:)
FREE horse rides! Archer wasn't to sure...
Brookelyn and Trae loved it!
He held onto it from the van to the house...during a diaper change, and into bed :)
uh-oh...he did this when i was switching the laundry the other day...
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