This photo creeps me out...reminds me of evil clowns or puppets...or something.

Just love his expression here...
Man it's hard to take a decent photograph in the dark...despite the obvious 1/2 dark 1/2 light face, I think he's cute :)

SPARKLER PARTY!!! They do look joyful...
I feel like a series of these firework shots would look awesome in the right room...they remind me of jelly fish.
Archie Karl
The Bug
P Diddy @ thebomb.com (that's Latin for my dad rocks the house, yo!)
Love this one...
Special sister in special glasses...they make the fireworks look like a rainbow.
Erica Lynn, medicine woman.
Nikki was very amused...and then she noticed I was trying to photograph, so she entices her to begin the dance again.
...the medicine woman obliges....
Mid-hop, she realizes the dance is being documented.

Oh right, like we sat around pretending to "smoke" the sparklers...they're our party horns. Sheesh :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post some firework pictures :)
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