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lily pads

Elliot's really into growing things lately, so we got him some kits for his birthday to grow cattails and lily pads for the pond, and also some sea monkeys. Today was day 5, feeding day for the little guys. In his haste to feed them, he dumped in the whole packet of food at once. I'm afraid the poor guys were OD'd on food :( He wants replacements...so my question is: What do you do with these things/how long do they live/etc. before I commit to them once and for all?
I bought this from the 2nd hand shop recently thinking it was very chic...that is, until Jason pointed out the it's a golf ball ...with a tee...and a golf club handle.
She walked up and said "like my outfit!?"
I said yes, and reached for my camera, and she pulled the hat off and said "no, I look dumb." I told her she looked SO cute, but I still feel sad she's approaching the age where how you look matters...

Today we had a family come over for a possible daycare gig of the cutest little girl. Anyway, as we were talking, I asked how they put her to sleep, and mentioned that I rocked all my kids to sleep. About 2 hours later, Brookelyn came up apprehensively...like she had something to ask, but didn't know how. Then she said "Mom....? Um, why did you tell those people you rock us to sleep?" I started to laugh, and then she started giggling. The more she laughed, the more I laughed...the more she laughed. I told her I said I rocked all my kids, but she swears I said I rock them all to sleep...

We sang a hymn before bed, and Elliot had quite the vibrato going on...and when the song ended, Brookelyn said "mom, guess what? When, um, Elliot sings the Pledge of Allegiance, he sings it opera." Of course Elliot was embarrassed and denied it, but he also had this confused look. I could tell he was thinking "we don't even sing the Pledge of Allegiance..." so I said "Do you mean the Star Spangled Banner?" She did, and then she was like "Elliot, you sing opera..." and he disagreed, and she was all flabbergasted, and said giggling "Elliot, you were just doing it when we sang the hymn...." Totally like, ahem...her mother. If it's obvious you were doing something, who am I to let you get away with saying you weren't? :)

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