Most random post ever...

The other day I left the house running on the flowers for about 15 minutes because as I've said, we transplanted them. I had to drag the hose up through the garden, so of course when I was done, I had to walk back down the slope with the hose so it didn't ruin all the flowers. (if you care to, it's the right hand side slope next to the house in the picture) Well, imagine that it was a slippery mud slope after all that water! I lost a flip flop when I finally stopped at the bottom and luckily saw the hole where it went in and was able to stick my hand down in and retrieve it. Jason was less than impressed with the mud, and my hysteric laughter when I came in the house to tell him the story. Anyone know how hard it is to photograph your own feet with a 50mm lens?
I took this photo after seeing these 2 reading together...running for my camera....slowing and quietly opening the window and screen, and firing it off before Archer bolted. Our deck is constantly a mess, but we do use it a lot. We put it on towards the end of last summer, so we are really going to get our use out of it this year :)
I sleep like this when I'm really exhausted :)
Apparently, summer is exhausting for the little guy...

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