a few favorites~

I just loved this shot...favorite from the weekend perhaps. I thought they looked so cute doing their own thing, but next to each other. My camera was sitting on my lap, and I wanted to see what it would look like to just shoot it from the angle of the camera, and this was the result of just tripping the shutter. Sometimes being a little carefree and not controlling the shot pays off, because I loved it :)
Archer was making his annoyance with Jason known...fake mad :)
hugs for cousins :)
Brookelyn has this new thing where she pretends she doesn't want us to take her picture, but then just keeps saying "you can't take it!" so of course we try...fun little game :)
Elliot showing Ana animals at the zoo.
Kids are darn cute when they eat.
Loved this one of Trae.
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