Play Date

I had a play date with one of my best friends yesterday...she's awesome because she has no kids, but chooses to hang out with my and my whole troop of them on a pretty regular basis :)
So we raced to see who could get the highest...
and tried to fly the stupid dragon kite which never really flew successfully and when we got all nice and sweaty we decided it wasn't worth it.
Elliot had the touch, apparetnly.
Archer is at that really cute age where he never stops moving and rarely moves at a walking pace, choosing rather to run or gallop everywhere. He had fun exploring the park and kept pretty entertained just looking at things.
Something came over me that I couldn't control :)
Brooka-pie. She's our monkey and kept saying "mom, watch!!" over and over and over again. I do like to watch her though, because I loved monkey bars when I was little. Now, my hands blister at the thought of them.
Jason also flew the kite. Actually, I did run about 3 miles and successfully fly the thing for a few minutes, but it didn't dawn on him to use the camera in his hands to get a picture, and I couldn't get it up in the air again after that :)
Trae just loves under ducks...he was a big ball of giggles in anticipation of it as I was walking over to push him :)
Who could resist this one even though it's blurry? Trae was saying and doing all these things while we were at the park that made me remember what it was like to be his age. He'd say "here I go jumping off!" and you could tell he was trying to work up the courage, but I remember that and I knew it would be a bit before he was sure enough to actually jump.

As for the rest of our weekend, Jason fished on Saturday...taking Trae and Brookelyn in the morning and Elliot in the afternoon. They take the canoe down the river, and it's convenient for us to meet them a few hours later with the truck or gator to pick them up again. Trae caught the biggest fish in the morning, Elliot in the afternoon. Backing up...I got some time with my friend Sam, and helped her paint her kitchen and steam clean the (awesome) barn boards in her house so it's ready for them to move into in a few weeks. We also managed to mow the yard and get some stuff burned up. I love being out in the yard getting it all spiffy (which lasts like 4 seconds...) but when we came in last night, my eyes were on fire and my head was so stuffy and pounding that I had to go directly to bed. The kids are all wiped out as well...allergies make Archer and Brookelyn's asthma act up, so they have croupy coughs that just don't let up. Trae has a crazy runny nose and watery eyes...and Elliot's already making plans for when he gets what they have and can stay home from school!
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