Creative Nook

Everyone who knows me, knows I rally for the Arts in my house. I love that my kids love to be creative and though we don't do a lot of crafty projects, they always have paper and crayons handy and draw and write nearly every night. I wanted to create a nook where they could sit and create things (the popular thing is pictures for grandma and grandpa) so I took a vintage table and chairs set I found at the thrift store, and paired it with a vintage chalkboard/magnet board, also from a thrift shop. I intend to get magnetic letters and chalk as well. An old fruit box (purchased guess where?) to store all the supplies and we have a cozy little art corner. It fits in just behind the couch and bar stools, and is really the only place it would work. I've been eyeballing the perfect spot for some time now, and i'm sure the kids will enjoy it :) Throwing around ideas for some type of drying area up above on the wall...we'll see what we end up going with...ideas?

The Little Brothers

Watching Bob the Builder...

Trae and Archer get along mostly great...Archer usually puts of with Trae's sleeping in until about 30 minutes past the time he himself wakes up. When he can no longer stand it (I hate to watch people sleep as well...so yeah Mom-1 ) he climbs up on the bed and tackles him and mauls him until Trae finally gives in and gets up to play. The other day, Trae came up to me and said "Mom...? Archer pinched me, so I hit him." I told him that he should come get me instead of hitting, and he said again "Wewww Mo-ommm, he pinch me fowst!" Archer is much more aggressive in the sense that he loves to wrestle and instigate, so this morning he was trying to budge Trae out from under the water in the shower. Trae says in this nice friendly voice "we were being fwends, wemembo?"
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