We're in the process of giving our house the flair we (ahem...I) want. This is just a sneak peak of whats to come (theres a few more pictures of the whole room up on facebook). I've got fabric on order for curtains and pillows to tie the look together. I've always loved contemporary flair with a bit of old world charm, so I'm always mixing old pieces into my decor. I'd really like a bench for in front of the window since the little guys love to watch for big brother and sister or daddy to return home from their days away. The other night, Jason was adorable. He came home and I was crawling the internet yet again looking for the perfect fabric. I showed him some favorites, and when I turned to gauge his opinion, he was sitting with his legs crossed and hands propped on top of his knees...he smiled and said "this is how I feel when you make me look at fabric..." so he's leaving the fabric choosing to me :) I'll post the complete looks as we get the room finished, as well as all the cute little additions to the kids rooms :)
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