fishing from weeks ago~

What is it with this pose?
My, what big lips you have...
Trae trying to heft the huge sucker for a picture...

rides with grandma and grandpa

I like this one...would be better touched up a bit in photoshop :)
I love this stance...not sure what inspired it, but when I go through images and see things like this, it makes me smile because I've forgotten all about him doing that....but there was a reason for the picture :)
They forced me to touch the fish I reeled in...right after this I decided to throw it behind me into the water like a garter. Well, not sure what happened but the poor thing landed in front of me...but swam away like nobody's business when we got him to the water,
ugly suckers, they are.

Trying to reel a big one!
I love Brookelyn's pose in this picture...she looks like a trucker :) I also like pictures with all my people in on place ;)
You can tell Trae loves touching fish!
Brookelyn's a total tomboy with a flair for fashion...sorta like her mom used to be :)

must have been the first catch of the night....
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