I decided to actually write something besides a caption to a picture! Hold your applause until the end, I have no idea if it'll be worth it when it's all said and done ;) I think it's been awhile since I did an update on the kids, but we all know the second I type it all up, they'll be out if that stage and on to the next.

Elliot: Elliot is a typical almost 8 year old. He still loves hunting and fishing and pretty much anything his dad does. He's not crazy about school...hmmm, that could come from either of his parents :) He loves Hurley, and lets him in his bed when no ones looking.

Brookelyn: LOVES LOVES LOVES school...and her teacher is "amazed by her reading and writing ability." She counts down weekend days until she can go back to school. The other day, she accidentally called me Ms. Sannes (her teachers name) and then giggled and said "oops, I called Ms. Sannes mom the other day...she just laughed!" She is also a fan of the puppy, and does the best job of watching him and taking him out before he has accidents. She is really into fashion lately, and loves skirts and legging lately. Sometimes she doesn't match, but I let her if it's doable because I don't want to influence her creativity with clothing. I gave her a pedicure the other day, that was really fun and I was reminded of what our future looks like when the boys are all off hunting with their dad. :)

Trae: Trae loves to sleep late...I wish he'd teach the to his little brother :) He's starting to use big words that sometimes take me a second to realize what he's saying and then make me laugh because they are such grown up words for a little guy. He's been taking Archer for rides on the Gator (power wheels) and loves to hear stories. (incidentally, they like Jason's stories way better than mine, so thats become Jason and the kid's ritual before bed) Trae prefers no clothes, and walks around the yard naked a lot, despite my demands for him to put clothes on. Good thing he plays in the backyard I guess :) Two weeks ago, he decided to flush a dixie cup (plastic variety) down my parents toilet. A few days later our master bathroom toilet became clogged and we've had to unclog it many times since. Who'd have thought kids would just keep dumping in a toilet, despite begging from their mom to PLEASE NOT USE MY TOILET!!! because then it has to sit all day for dad to come home and plunge it. (what? one of the MANY reasons I got married...not so into poop water splashing on or near me) Anyhow, we (I) finally asked really nicely (demanded) he take it off and get it fixed already, because I was sick of having to walk through the cold house in the night to use the other bathroom, and hello...these kids WILL NOT stop pooping in it and...gross...So last night the toilet came off and we discovered Trae (I know because I wiped his butt and flushed and thats when the toilet clogged) had flushed one of those little tiny souvenir coffee mugs down the toilet. Flushes like a charm, now who's coming over for coffee?

Archer: Archer's new thing is standing next to me pointing in random directions to which room the desired snack/toy/person he is wanting is in and saying "dthat!" He loves to play outside, even if we are having one of those 50 degrees below zero summer days that we have here in Wisconsin. He usually chooses to play in the sandbox, and then stands there shoving his face full of sand, which results in lots of poop and gritty diapers. (we had his iron and lead drawn last week at his well child visit, haven't heard back from his ped with results yet) He is 27 pounds and 33 inches...and is part monkey. He loves showers and baths, and is a big time instigator, and teases everyone.

Thats about all folks...:)
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