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J&H Benefit Shoot "Challenge The Outdoors"

no questions about the paternity of this kid, your honor.
the official score keeper.

Elliot helping my uncle Rolly drive the golf cart. We even got the wheels off the ground on one side :)
Dad, Me, Jason, Rolly...we participate in the Challenge The Outdoor benefit shoot every year. (3rd year in a row for me...) It benefits disabled hunters and is a really fun time. I had to womp out 1/2 way through the 2nd round (50 shots in a round) because I was getting a really bad headache every time i'd shoot and shooting pains through my neck. I still have bruises from over a week ago, and probably won't shoot next year. What a wimp. I did win 4 free rounds on my 1st round score of 27/50...they must know I probably wouldn't come back to shoot them :) Jason can take them and use them up hopefully :)
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