Into the Sun...

silhouettes against the sky

wind tickling piggy toes
belly flops...

I know it's not standard "practice" to shoot into the sun...but I don't care because if I didn't take the risk, I wouldn't have these pictures that I happen to love. Swinging has always made me feel so light and free...I got under ducks this night, and it was joyful.

During our time at the park that night...I spent time shooting photos and then forced myself to set my camera down and actually be in the moments. I saw something once that said "if you saw it happen, you didn't get the shot" and I thought it was an awesome expression. At the time, I was shooting a lot of weddings and it is true in that setting that if you have to have a bug set up before actually tripping the shutter, you will miss a lot of sweet candid moments. I happen to have a philosophy..."shoot now, delete later if it doesn't pan out" and I got some of my favorite shots using that method. I also came back with over 1000 pictures from the day. I have a point here...so stick with me. As I was shooting away that night at the park, I realized that if I am behind the lens the entire time, I am missing actually being in the moments...moments with my family. Finding a balance between photographer, (which I must admit is sort of like an addiction...I pick up my camera and am so afraid of missing the perfect shot...that I am not making memories with my kids, but instead capturing them from the sidelines) and being a mother. Pictures won't so me any good if I can't remember the giggles and conversation that sparked the image. So I'm going to take heed to that and make sure that when my kids recall these same moments years from now, mom is present and accounted for.
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