A day in the life of a little boy...

Trae chose his outfit the other day...the shirt is one that is to small even for Archer.
They play in the same dirt hole at the bottom of the deck stairs almost all day.

The sun was so bright :)
Archer found this hat and brought it to me to put it on. I put him in front of the mirror, where he stood for awhile making faces at himself and laughing at his reflection.
I'm told I stood at the mirror watching myself cry a lot...
He apparently discovered the mirror before...as there are some offending smears right at his height. Don't judge, I'm out of windex and these are candid photos. It's either the shot with smears, or no shot at all.
Jason's Grandma told us the other day that Archer looks like Grandpa Steve when he was a little boy...she had a profile drawing of him and 2 of his brothers she showed us...and Archer looks a lot like that picture here :)
A mirror is kind of awesome for reflecting soft light.

See...Archer is in the hole at the bottom of the stairs...Trae needed help securing his tape measure on hos waistband.
This makes me laugh...I have no idea.

A little mud never hurt anyone...
LOVE the tongue...and he looks like his big sister in this photo.
After we cleaned him up a little...it's hard work being a little boy.
But even after sleeping for several hours...
he's still baby enough to want to snuggle with him momma.

And this little story:

Trae and Archer were playing by the swing set, which I can see out the window. I had the windows open, and I could see Archer sitting at the top of the slide, and Trae trying to coax him to go down. He was saying "It's okay buddy...go down!" Archer just gave a little wail...and the Trae said "one second, I go get mom to hewp ya!" As he ran to the house...he was saying "it's okay Achaa...I get momma to hewp ya!" He came in with his face serious as can be and said "MOM!! Achaa need hewp, him scawwed! Huwwy!" So I grabbed shoes and he ran ahead of me and said "Momma's commin' buddy, it's okay!"
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