Ala Carte'

Pretty things make me happy.
One night we were helping some friends install a window and got home a bit past bedtime. The kids crashed on the couch when we got home, and Hurley was out because he was kenneled while we were gone. I was trying to get him to lay by my bed, but he kept running off and going on his ottoman. Trae came in by me to tell me "Hurley keeps 'tackin me mom! Can you get him?" I went in there and got him down only to find them all like this 10 minutes later :)

Beautiful Anya...more of this 5 minute shoot on my photo blog soon :)
The boys getting warm by the register. It was so nice I turned the heat off one day and it was a brisk 62* in here in the morning.
I picked my niece up yesterday because my sister was sick...the kids had a blast playing in the playhouse and with the kitchen.

T-shirt from Africa.
Dress from Africa.
Time out....
Outfit from Africa.

Typical Baseman child.
These make me happy ;)
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