My photographic philosophy is this: It's better to have more than enough, than not enough. Here is about 5% of the pictures I took that day :)

Children's Museum...Fox Valley.

I'm thinking a collage of some of these pictures to hang above the art center I want to do up for the kids. I was so happy to see the "Art Rocks" and musical symbol paintings my kids did.

The circus is stupid and over priced.

(Blurry pics because we were in the car on a bumpy parking lot...plus I was furious and I don't have a steady hand when I'm furious.)

my favorite wedge heels...
ruined by some slob and her slobby kids.
Expensive Fleurville diaper bag...ruined by some obnoxious slob and her obnoxious slobby kids.
I thought about asking her if she wanted to buy the designer diaper bag her bratty kids just ruined, but she was avoiding eye contact as I wiped it up best I could with my used kleenex. Yet another casualty to the circus: baby wipes I left in the bathroom in my rush to get out quick because I was claustrophobic and it smelled bad. The dad of said bratty kids and slobby wife suggested she get rid of the 3 $6 snow cones the brats had to have and then didn't want. She exclaimed "what would you like me to do with them?!" and left them where her rude little urchins could dump them, all three of them...2 blue, one red....all over our things. The 5 year old little girl kicked my seat the entire time as well...but apparently people of that high of class get to do what they want in the general seating area of the Shrine Circus.
I was bored with the act as well...you'd think after 4 years of the.same.thing. they could change it up a bit. specially when they want $14.50 for kids 1 and over...and $16 for an adult. And $6 for parking. Luckily we got all the kids free and we only had $5.75, and the guy didn't want change, so he gave us the deal of the century on parking.
We paid $3 for popcorn X 2....
and $3 for a soda.

We didn't fall prey to the $15 plastic swords...
...didn't give in the the icky sticky goodness of the cotton cacndy, which was probably a steal at like 5 bucks or so...
and we were not victimized by the good folks who sell plastic inflatable toys for a mere $10-$15 each.

Walk by again, Mr...so my kids can beg, yet again, for your over priced junk.
oh, and doesn't this make perfect sense...when you pay budget prices, you apparently get budget bathrooms...in the basement. Then you can see the stupid trainers who hit the poor elephants. You can see that video here.
It was mediocre...
Should have turned back while we were ahead...(outside the building, just past the picketers...)

A girls favorite shoes and bag are not worth the free tickets for the kids.

We won't be going again.
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