If You Give A Pig A Pancake...

...the play I went to see with Brookelyn this morning. As we were getting our coats on, this little boy says to her "you're HOT!!!" and she looks at me comletely mortified, but smiling. Thne the little boy, Trenton, who kissed her on the neck when school first started was in our group. She was wearing a beaded skirt and he kept playing with the beads and you could tell she didn't want to hurt his feelings and tell him to stop, but she was inching away and looking at me like "can you believe he's doing that mom..." So I asked him if he had a girlfriend, as he clearly likes Brookelyn and I like to be mortifying like that...and he says "no, but I like Brookelyn..." and then leans into her and wraps his arms around her for a hug. Again, she kind of pats him, but dismissively like she is just being nice. We were sitting there and out of the blue, he turns to me and goes "I like Brookelyn, she's really beautiful..." So cute. It was a sweet play despite being freezing and rainy...I always get shoes wrong, so of course I chose flip flops instead of boots and froze. Anyway...still have lots of pictures from this weekend to post...if we can get this flu done with :P
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