Meet Shiloh

*** Shiloh got territorial of me and aggressive towards our little boys, so we re-homed him right away with a family with teenagers. It was sad and heartbreaking, especially for Brookelyn, but a decision that had to be made.

A Rat Terrier, 7 months old...
Elliot trying to build him a kennel with left over decking.
He follows the kids everywhere...oh who am I kidding? They follow him...this was after she chased down Archer who chased down Shiloh.
Trae loves his puppy, but last night when we were doing brushing Traes teeth, I asked if he wanted to take the dog back. He said yes, and when I asked why, he replied "cuz...I radder have da money!"
Archer likes him...a little hesitant around bigger dogs, but adjusted pretty well to Shiloh. He gets irritated though, because Shiloh takes 1/2 of everything Archer tries to eat.

SO, the story goes like this. We were @ the circus and the kids asked for a pet...a lion, tiger, elephant or a rat. I told them to ask their dad...and suggested maybe a hamster. I called my sister, the Animal Queen, and she suggested a guinea pig because they are hearty and don't typically bite. The next day after we went to the children's museum, we stopped into the pet store and checked out guinea pigs. They are expensive, especially the cages...! On the way in, Elliot made the comment "Mom, looking at all these animals makes me want Treasyn back..." We had a boxer that we got rid of a few years ago when I was really sick with morning sickness and hormonal out of my mind...I wish I could take that back, but ya know...I can't. Anyway, Jason heard that, or maybe it was my suggestion, but one of said "what about a dog?"

We told the kids we would go home and think about the guinea pig for one week and then come back. The real issue was I bet I could find them much cheaper on Craigslist (and everyone wants to give them away, cage and all!) and also, that we were thinking maybe a dog made more sense. We looked on Craigslist when we got home and e-mailed about a few or twelve. Turns out, lots of people want to get rid of their dog for a small re-homing fee...almost like a guinea pig! We made an appointment to look at this gorgeous husky. She was so high strung, she was choking herself on her collar while we talked to her owner...who was almost as high strung as she was. I was immediately thinking "there is no way on this green earth she's going to work..." but Jason didn't seem to want to rule her out until I made my case that she would take off the second you let her off the leash, she jumps and it twice as tall as any of our children when she does that, and she is 18 months old and very poorly trained. She would be a nuisance. Nikki had found this Rat Terrier on the way into town, called, and found out that someone was coming to look at him relatively soon and would probably take him. We talked the lady into letting us look first, and he was so submissive...rolling onto his back when we went to pet him and pretty mellow, that I kind of liked him...and i'm not your typical "dog" person. The kids were also into him, and we gave them the final say...and off we went with "Gizmo." We went and grabbed supplies and food, and then headed home and tried to come up with a name that we liked. I suggested Gaylord, but the kids hated that...so I think someone needs to get a guinea pig and name it Gaylord. I thought of Shiloh, and spelled it out for Jason, telling him not to mention it unless he really liked it because I knew the kids would want it if we mentioned it. He did, and the rest is history. I thought Banjo was cute...and Nugent "The Nuge" but they were dead set on Shiloh, so Shiloh he became.

We had a full weekend, and I have lots of pictures and stories to tell...but I used up a whole 4 gig card, so I have to have lots of time to edit and post, in between cleaning all our bedding etc...since just when we thought the kids were getting better...they would puke or poop all over the place, and the 2 final papers I need to write for my classes that are ending this week.
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