A poop story...no kidding. This is your warning.

*** stroller pictures coming, someday :)

Today I took the kids in to the doctor. Trae's been complaining that his left leg hurts and then won't walk on it for a few minutes or hours, and then he's fine. He complained enough since last Friday that I called his Ped to get pointers on what to do. Edward (the pediatrician) was on vacation, but the nurse said to bring him in for evaluation, which of course is okay since it would ease my mind a bit. So in we went, and for now we are just watching to see if the pain continues or if there is a pattern to it. If it persists, they'll do some blood tests. An update for anyone wondering what that was all about :)

So...while we were out, I spent half my time in the john waiting on a 3 year old to do his business. At Perkins, he insisted he had to go, but when we got in the sulphur scented bathroom and he finally chose a stall, he decided after resting his, ummm, manparts...ahem....on the rim of the toilet that he didn't have to go after all. There was a baby changing table thing in the stall we were in, so I Archer on that to try and keep him from flushing/touching all the nasty junk in public bathrooms. Of course, he stands up and so on and so forth...and the second I set him down, he touches the toilet. GRR!

After that, we went to the grocery store, and lo and behold! Trae has to potty again. Off we go, and of course Archer touches everything and Trae has to poop and takes. for. ever. And ever. And ever. I was getting frustrated because Archer just wants to keep flopping on the floor and touching things he shouldn't be touching. Finally Trae says he's done, and asks me to wipe him. I head in (gagging...) and he hops back on the toilet and says "go one mowa, mom" and I sigh and he says "weww, mom...ders one turd tumming out!" He finally finishes the job after much coaxing and then I get to wipe the runny diarrhea up his back for him. He asks for a baby wipe, which I don't have because they are in my purse, in the car. It's just gross sometimes, going to the potty with kids. Beats the heck out of changing poopy diapers all the time though...but man does it take longer to get anything accomplished when you spend 80% of your time in the bathroom. (of course, I notice I said 1/2 my time and now I'm computing that to 80%...did you know 3 out of 2 people have trouble with fractions?)

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