Since we're up...Happy Valentines Day!

**Update: I took Archer back to the pediatrician this morning...no real improvement on his lungs or his ears, so they put him on steroids (again, for like the 3rd time) to take the inflammation down in his lungs. We both got nice naps today.
While we were in the doctors office, a lady came in with her 2 kids....the one (approx 2 yr old) obviously had poop, as the entire waiting room started to reek as soon as he came in. She had no diaper bag, so obviously no diapers, wipes, or change of clothes. When their name was called, I heard the nurse gasp and say "oh, he just puked!" and the mom was like "no he didn't, he has (whispering) poop..." Well, the nurse pointed behind her where there was bright yellow piles of stuff and then the nurse says "that came out of his bottom!??" Sure enough...it came out his bottom...down and out his pant leg. Didn't stop there...it also bubbled out the waistband of his pants and all down mom's side. So gross. I don't have a weak stomach unless we're talking someones jabbing me with a needle, or lots and lots of blood...but I felt like I could have lost my cookies. Besides the smell, the trail of yellow diarrhea just made me nauseous. I didn't let Archer down at all after that...and you know I'd never pick on males if they didn't have it coming...but there was this dad there with 2 toddlers...letting them walk within 2-3 inches of said diarrhea piles. I guess I just envisioned yellow turds, um...slime...from someone else's kid, plump full of germs tracked all over my clothes, my car, my house...and kept my kid in my lap. But thats just me.

"I feel like junk...puked on my mom twice in as many hours, but it scored us both a 2am shower. I like showers, and I got to play with my tractors. As my mom updates her blog, I've found my Dad's wallet, which he keeps conveniently with all the other treasures I get into numerous times a day when I pull a chair up and dig in...."
"Dudes, seriously...? My mom takes like a million pictures of me a day, it's starting to get really old.

**Archer is really sick. He wants to sleep, but his cough prevents that. The puking is a direct result of the cough, but that means what little he does drink, because he isn't eating much, is coming back up. I'm going to call his doctor in the morning and let him know whats going on in case they want to see him again. He seems really week when he stands, and is wobbly on his feet...so that concerns me. I suppose since it's past 3am at this point, I'm going to try to get him back down, but he doesn't seem really interested. We'll see.
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