She coughs and coughs and coughs...all winter long. This morning her throat hurt and she wasn't herself, so she stayed home. I took her in to make sure everything was okay. They tested for strep, and so far it's come back negative. They will test it tomorrow and Saturday again, but I am assuming (and crossing my fingers tightly) that she doesn't have it.
Poor thing crashed out about 10 minutes before we had to get coats on to leave for the doctor.
We are going to try her rescue inhaler every 4 hours and see if that improves her cough at all...possibly starting her on Flovent (a steroid inhaler as a preventative) if the Albuterol on it's own isn't helping.
I'm worried about my little guy...
I've taken Archer to the doctor 3 or 4 times this season...and each time they reassured me it was his asthma, and he would likely just have a cold and cough for the duration of winter. We started him on a steroid inhaler, and a rescue inhaler when his wheezing gets really bad. So, today when I called the doctor to get an appointment for Brookleyn, I was surprised when the nurse heard him coughing over the phone and suggested he be seen. He's been eating and sleeping okay, although come to think of it now, he has been taking longer naps, and seeming really exhausted. Come to find out the poor kid has pneumonia and a double ear infection. I've been doing everything right, and I missed it because I've been told it's just a cold and just keep up with the inhalers. Well anyway, now that we know theres more going on, we can treat it. (Our doctor is awesome and has been checking his lungs which were clear last time he was in...I just feel awful that I had no idea and was chalking everything up to it being a cold. The kid has probably been miserable in pain and his dumb mom isn't even helping him.)

These pictures make me feel sad....his poor eyes look so tired.
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