When a little boy gets really independent...

"Yummy chocolate silk pie...I should really dig in with both hands. Don't get this everyday you know..."
"Oh, Hi Mom! Have you tired this silk pie yet?"....
..."tastes sorta like, hmmm...chocolate and whipping cream."
"I'll share it with you...dig in!"
"What..? I only drooled a little....besides, Mom's aren't supposed to get grossed out by their kids spit."
"Suitchyerself...more for me then."
"I gotta tell ya though, you're missing out on a delicious Walmart pie"
"Perfect compliment to the pizza, thanks Mom!"

**He colored on his own nose, and pulled a chair up to the stove while I was in the other room for a bit. I don't typically buy Walmart pies, but this one was free.
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