Last night I was having an instant message conversation with someone...which I have to tell you how much I love instant messaging because it gives me a completely different dimension to be funny. (at least in my own head :)) So last night I was having this chat and I was trying to really emphasize my feelings about something, so I wrote...


Now, with chat, I type so fast that most of the time I type, send, and then re-read what I wrote. So then my next message said...

"that didn't come out as cool as it sounded in my head"

Which made us laugh even more, because (and I stress again, in my own head) it was a funny thing to say after saying the previous funny thing. I think the things that takes chatting to the next level is when I'm up really late and my friend who is always up late start having these hilarious conversations and because we are so tired, we are laughing uncontrollably at the end and have to go to bed because our (my) husband is starting to toss and turn every time I go into fits of laughter, and then breathe heavy like he "doesn't see the humor in this, at all...AT ALL!!" Yeah, he didn't really ever say that, but it's funny to picture him saying it, right? Never mind, don't answer that (you know unless you think it's hilarious, like I apparently do)

-----> In case you found that whole thing lame, I thought I'd distract you with some bullets:
  • Hermmm. Let's see.
  • Ummmm....
  • Nevermind.

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