*I've been in the mood to paint...this is my first little painting in years.
Elliot snuck outside the other day and I caught this pic through the window.
I wish this photo wasn't blurry...I love her dimples.
Nap time this afternoon...
*Brookelyn has been sick with a bad cough, so she was home today. She is the best sister ever.
Guess who thought *they* were funny writing "dod" instead of "dad" ...? Poor dad failed to get the joke :) I took this picture an hour or two after they stuck it there...

This afternoon, Elliot and Brookelyn were fighting. Elliot came rushing up crying pretty hard and saying Brookleyn hit him. I asked what she hit him with because he was screaming bloody murder and he said "a smoother." I had no idea, so he ran to get it and came back with a rolling pin! She only looks sweet and innocent...

This got great reveiws on facebook...I promise a smile at least ;)

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