I remembered what I was going to say...

...So Trae just decided to go from not potty trained to potty trained with the snap of my fingers, which is awesome. Still debating about wearing underwear out in public because it's been 2 days of completely dry and I don't want to have to clean a mess up in public.

Also...awhile back we were at Sam's club and Brookelyn saw this guy we know named Rory (Lewis) so she was lik e"MOMMOMOMMOMOMOMOMOM!! That's someone we know..." and I was like "Soooo, do you think he's cute or something?" and she said "Moooooom..." I'm thinking yes. Trae has a gigantic crush on Megan (Anderson) and begs all the way to meeting to sit by her and is HUGELY disappointed if they are out of town, and anyway...it's better than letting boys kiss her. Which, by the way, lots of them like to do. She takes it in stride and is like "Well he kissed me...but onwe on da neck!" Anyway, thought that was cute and since most of you know these kids, I thought I'd share :)
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