Trae's Birthday

Monster Truck cookie cake from the Cookie Company...
He was pleased :)

It was a special treat to have Grandpa Steve with him on his birthday...
Licking the frosting :)

We had Panda Express for supper after taking him to Toys R' Us where he picked out a Buzz Light Year bike and helmet...and a horn. After letting the kids play for awhile in the play place, we went to Scheel's and grandpa treated them to a hunting game before we headed home. We are having a birthday dinner for Jason and Trae with my family this Sunday.
Man am I tired these days. We have so much going on and the kids have been up with hacking coughs half the night, that I barely have the energy to make it through the day. I am in the process of re=organizing our entire house and man does it feel awesome. Soon, when it's all done, i'm going to have pictures of the new floors and paint...and you can see the end result that has kept me from this blog :)

P.S. I'm thinking about deleting my facebook account, that might give me more time to blog again!
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