Life is flying by with nothing really exciting to report. I took 2 classes that are pretty demanding this term, so it feels like I can't keep up...but 7 more weeks and hopefully I'll have some lighter classes so I can catch my breath.

We had a great Thanksgiving, and I took my camera but didn't even get it out. Jason hunted, but didn't take anything. He and the kids enjoyed themselves anyway, and I hear thats all that matters :)

We get to see Nate, Marsha, and the girls come New Years, so we're looking forward to that. I love this time of year...but I really don't like driving in bad weather. I know it's WI and this is what it does in WI, but I just dread the winter months every year because I get so stressed out driving in it, and also, I spend months freezing my butt off.

That about all for now...hope everyone had great holidays!


Neisha said...

that's why I insist on 4WD. i feel slightly more comfortable about driving

Sam said...

I get tense driving in heavy rain!!! lol

Heather T said...

u too!;0) i don't like driving in winter either...i feel like i age 10 yrs everytime...that's how come i'm so mature...:D good luck with the classes!:0)

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