We had a great holiday...hope everyone else did as well!


Thank goodness for camera phones :)

Archer and my niece, Anya. The adults and older kids were playing Would You Rather, so they made their own fun by throwing all the newspaper for starting fires around the living room. HUGE mess!
Trae and his new BB gun from grandma and grandpa. :)



Theres some picture previews here for anyone looking ;)


A little harsh? I think yes...


I photographed this beautiful family on Saturday, you can find more photos HERE, but I just loved this one!



Life is flying by with nothing really exciting to report. I took 2 classes that are pretty demanding this term, so it feels like I can't keep up...but 7 more weeks and hopefully I'll have some lighter classes so I can catch my breath.

We had a great Thanksgiving, and I took my camera but didn't even get it out. Jason hunted, but didn't take anything. He and the kids enjoyed themselves anyway, and I hear thats all that matters :)

We get to see Nate, Marsha, and the girls come New Years, so we're looking forward to that. I love this time of year...but I really don't like driving in bad weather. I know it's WI and this is what it does in WI, but I just dread the winter months every year because I get so stressed out driving in it, and also, I spend months freezing my butt off.

That about all for now...hope everyone had great holidays!
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