Happy Halloween!


Wishing for this weather again...

I never blogged this day we took the kids to the park, and found it on my camera today :)


Subject I like the least and why? "Math, case I need a ceclater." I HATE math...so I feel his pain. Apparently he rushes through his work and makes lots of mistakes, but knows how to correct them....without a calculator.


When Trae was born:

Elliot and Brookelyn had to keep their eyes shut until we got the baby...(he must've been in the nursery or somewhere when they first got up there?) then we video taped their reaction to him :) Thought they were so little and adorable waiting to meet their brother, and decided to share.


30 minute salvage yard shoot...with the camera timer for the family shots:)

father and son? i think yes...
I love this of Elliot, and plan to print it and hang it on the wall...
not as crazy about these of the other kids for the wall.
but they are cute for an album or collage :)

...and one of these will also be printed for the wall, which is your favorite?

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