Diaper Man

He reminded me of the Huggies baby...although we did not buy Huggies this time and opted for a much cheaper Parents Choice brand this time, which incidentally come in gaudy peach/pink. Jason asked why I bought pink diapers for our son. As far as I can tell, they were aiming for orange and unisex, as there is no indication on the box that I can see that there are boy and girl specific boxes. They work fairly decent, but if we miss a wet diaper until it's re-wetted, they usually leak.


Burchibunch said...

I have just started to think about diapers again. i cant remember which brand I liked best? I remember one leaked but dont remember which? Looks like Archer and the dog are buddies! Whats the younger boys going to think when the older kids are back in school?

Neisha said...

looks like he enjoys showing off for the camera :)

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