Please give this a listen...my favorites are "Morton the Caterpillar" and "Nothing" but none of them make me want to slit my own throat like most typical kids songs do. Click on the "our cause" link for more information. Visit Pacing The Panic Room to read about the Little Buddy and put a face to the cause. The whole album will cost you as much as 2 soy lattes, and make such a difference for the Littlest Buddy and his family. Thanks ;)


Diaper Man

He reminded me of the Huggies baby...although we did not buy Huggies this time and opted for a much cheaper Parents Choice brand this time, which incidentally come in gaudy peach/pink. Jason asked why I bought pink diapers for our son. As far as I can tell, they were aiming for orange and unisex, as there is no indication on the box that I can see that there are boy and girl specific boxes. They work fairly decent, but if we miss a wet diaper until it's re-wetted, they usually leak.



Mom and Dad are to busy doing yard work to entertain you...the older kids are watching a DVD. Hurley is the only play mate left.
gather weed clippings...
chase Hurley down....and drop them all in the process.
Go back for more...
try to keep up as Hurley dodges...
then finally gives in and lets you win the game.
giggle hysterically...over and over again!

*this was SO cute I actually got off the mower to grab the camera. They are so sweet together :)


Grandpa & Grandma's 50th wedding anniversary

The whole gang (minus Casey, who had to work) Sorry mom, this was the only not blurry photo...


August Days~ Wautoma, Wi (this post is screwy...i have no clue)

tired and happy :)

Who could resist a game of kornhole jr? win a prize every time...The kids fed Llama's.

issTrae milked a goat...Brookelyn politely declined, like 24 times...the lady thought it was a experience not to be passed up!
He loved the root beer bear....

Poor Anya got lost in the jump house...so Auntie Amber crawled in to rescue her. Through tunnels and around a zillion kids...:)
FREE horse rides! Archer wasn't to sure...
Brookelyn and Trae loved it!
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