Under Grundies*

He loves to wear underwear..in this case, his dad's discarded duds from this morning that he found laying conveniently...on the floor directly in front of the shower.
...as long as I just stand here, they fit!
Irresistible grundy of the decade....if you think this kind of post is cruel, you might not want to to read my blog anymore. Just sayin' :)

*To embarrass myself a little here...under grundies came from when we were little and playing in the bath. Someone was always stealing our under grundies (underwear...which was our wash cloth) so we had to scrub them out. I could tell you who was the biggest under grundy strealing culprit, but then I'd have to shoot you.


Green-ish Brown Female Sheep...

Bathroom Re-vamp

If I weren't so lazy, I'd look for a before photo for you...we took the bath from a deep brown to "brick dust" in about 2 hours. I'm totally a red person, so naturally I love it. I'm also a HUGE fan of changing things up, so anything is better than what it was.

The statue was a Goodwill find a few years ago and has traveled around our home as we've redecorated different spaces. The pictures were a steal this winter, so now they've all come together and made this :)
Archer loves to wrestle and be tickled :)

^^^^*photo credit Traeman 111^^^^^
Brookelyn stayed with my mom a few nights last week, so the boy sand I had a wrestle fest and watched the movie UP.


He loves to tease her...

she eggs him on, because she loves it :)


He chose his own outfit.

I have no clue where this shirt came from, but in any case it's Archers. The pants are part of a Doctor costume, and are Brookelyn's. He insisted on wearing them to Grandma's when we went later that night :)


Sour Face

Archer loves to taste lemon, but then he shakes his head "no" like crazy as his face distorts and his body quivers :)
Trae hates lemons....he ended up yanking his underwear up to his face to wipe the juice off...which was totally hilarious.
Brookelyn can't be bothered with making faces over a little lemon...
Elliot rarely tries them, but wanted to take a photo eating a lemon this day, so we did.


Timer Shots: July 2010 family Photo

My favorite, aside from Jason's head being cut off...which is what you get when you press the shutter and have 10 seconds to assume the position. Perhaps I'll frame it anyway.

I love it.

I love how they both clench their teeth when they're really intense about something...like hugs and wrestling.

(macro photography tips welcomed :))


My parents took the kids over night so we went tubing. Had a total blast :)


watermelon: a summer staple.

Take #210...he finally looks AT the camera.


I remember this building from when I was a little girl...It stands behind my Grandpa's old shop, my Dad has now moved his business just to the right of where it was when my Grandpa owned it.


We started with this...BIBBITY BOBBITY BOO!!!
Wait, what? That's not going to work...(for one thing the umbrella is broken...and WAY to small)
Brookelyn painted this pot for Mother's Day...so I let her pick out a flower to put in it.
String of elephants for some added flair...
Monkey chime for some music...
We settled on this...
I like it.
I love it!
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