Last night Brookelyn woke up in the night. Somehow she knew I was sleeping on the couch. The short story is that I haven't been able to sleep until 3 am, and my couch feels so comfy while I lay awake for an hour after that waiting for my mind to shut off. Jason's out of town, in case you thought I was avoiding him. So, somehow she walked right to the couch, even though I'm typically in my bed for after hour requests and "i'm scareds." She walked up to me in the dark, put her face about 4 inches from mine, and whispered "mom! I lost a tooth!" I was confused, and asking questions like "well did you swallow it? and where is it?" She giggled with her face still next to mine and said "I just pushed my tongue against it when I'm sleeping and it came out. I didn't even know it was coming out...it wasn't loose! And now I can't find it!" She pointed to the place in her mouth where the tooth came out, but it was very dark and she was still within inches of my face, so I couldn't focus on it anyway. (I was also preoccupied with trying not to inhale her breath, in case she'd slept long enough for "morning breath") It was odd that the tooth just popped out in her sleep, odd that it didn't bleed, odd the it came out without really being loose. She told me goodnight and went back to her room, only to come back a minute later and just stand looking at me. I asked what was up...no answer. Again, what do you need? No answer. Finally I asked if she wanted to lay by me, and she shook her head. (for some reason she goes mute on me every now and again, it's usually when she's sad about something.) We finally slept, and this morning when I woke up I was wondering if the tooth thing had actually happened or I had just dreamt it, so I asked if she really lost a tooth in her sleep last night. SHe said "No..." and so then it was confirmed that I am losing it...but then she giggled and said "I thought I did, but I guess I didn't!" and ran off. She must have very real dreams that she remembers...like her mother. :)

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