Happy 8th.

He fell asleep in meeting...and wasn't thrilled to wake up and blow out candles.

...that last candle reserved for Grace, or maybe Allison.

Me: i think it's a ball! Elliot: No, don't think so... Me: "Yeah!! A ball!" Elliot" "Nuh-uh, mom..."

My dad passed down hs very first gun that he received when he was 12 to Elliot. After presentng Elliot wth the 22, he asked "is 8 old enough for a 22...?" :)


Ben, Heather and kids said...

that 1st picture is priceless. :)

Wow..Benji's loving Elliot's present! Lucky boy!

Heather T said...

happy 8th birthday to elliot!:0)

Lindsay said...

happy birthday, elliot!
(and maybe 8 isn't too young for a .22, as long as it's not loaded...?)

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