my friend + my son = irresistible



(I hope to find paint that will work to cover that gold :P)

Yesterday we were driving down our road and noticed the neighbors a mile or so up had a wood burning fireplace sitting out in anticipation for the garbage truck this morning. We drive past and on our way back out, I made Jason stop in spite of being headed for supper at my parents. We talked to the couple and they replaced this one with one big enough to heat their (very large) home. They said we could have it, and despite offering them something, they let us have it FREE. I insisted we go home for the trailer quick and grab it before supper, feeling like it would be gone if we waited...so thats what we did. On our way back towards their house, we were following a truck with the tail gate down, and I commented that they were probably going for it. Well...the slowed and drove on by, and we pulled up. They turned around and came back, asking if we were taking everything...and we said yes. Then they asked if we had talked to the owners, almost as if they thought we hadn't, that they would and then we'd have to forfeit our find. They were bummed, and we were sorry...but not sorry enough to offer them half :) So..we'll have nice cozy and CHEAPER than propane heat this winter. Bet that sounds great to everyone right about now as we all sit sweltering ;)

Le' Pool

Aaron took Elliot off the low dive, and came back to report. I didn't realize Elliot was a strong enough swimmer for that, but Aaron said "He did FINE!!" so I agreed to let him jump off the high dive if he wanted. He did, twice...and did excellent. He's afraid of heights, so I was really proud of him! (don't ask me about the underline, I have NO clue)
Elliot after his high dive "canon ball"...I'd say he's pretty pleased with himself :)
little brother was pretty proud of him as well :)

The 9th child was asleep behind the orange stroller on the left because her mom rocks and can get her to sleep at a pool :)


Chippewa Falls Children's Museum

the coloring in this photo is GROSS...had to reset my white balance, but still a cute (if somewhat blurry) picture of her :)
you had to aim the water at this spiral thing and make it turn :)
Archer & Emma are pretty good friends until she takes his truck...then she gets her poor cheeks pinched.
they're getting married someday :)


I spent last week with my friend Kelsie, and her 5 children...the kids all got along fantastically (aside from a little cheek pinching episodes, ahem...Archer) I have LOTS of pictures to post, but summer is SO busy that I'm having a hard time finding time to do it :)


Last night Brookelyn woke up in the night. Somehow she knew I was sleeping on the couch. The short story is that I haven't been able to sleep until 3 am, and my couch feels so comfy while I lay awake for an hour after that waiting for my mind to shut off. Jason's out of town, in case you thought I was avoiding him. So, somehow she walked right to the couch, even though I'm typically in my bed for after hour requests and "i'm scareds." She walked up to me in the dark, put her face about 4 inches from mine, and whispered "mom! I lost a tooth!" I was confused, and asking questions like "well did you swallow it? and where is it?" She giggled with her face still next to mine and said "I just pushed my tongue against it when I'm sleeping and it came out. I didn't even know it was coming out...it wasn't loose! And now I can't find it!" She pointed to the place in her mouth where the tooth came out, but it was very dark and she was still within inches of my face, so I couldn't focus on it anyway. (I was also preoccupied with trying not to inhale her breath, in case she'd slept long enough for "morning breath") It was odd that the tooth just popped out in her sleep, odd that it didn't bleed, odd the it came out without really being loose. She told me goodnight and went back to her room, only to come back a minute later and just stand looking at me. I asked what was up...no answer. Again, what do you need? No answer. Finally I asked if she wanted to lay by me, and she shook her head. (for some reason she goes mute on me every now and again, it's usually when she's sad about something.) We finally slept, and this morning when I woke up I was wondering if the tooth thing had actually happened or I had just dreamt it, so I asked if she really lost a tooth in her sleep last night. SHe said "No..." and so then it was confirmed that I am losing it...but then she giggled and said "I thought I did, but I guess I didn't!" and ran off. She must have very real dreams that she remembers...like her mother. :)


current science projects:

lily pads

Elliot's really into growing things lately, so we got him some kits for his birthday to grow cattails and lily pads for the pond, and also some sea monkeys. Today was day 5, feeding day for the little guys. In his haste to feed them, he dumped in the whole packet of food at once. I'm afraid the poor guys were OD'd on food :( He wants replacements...so my question is: What do you do with these things/how long do they live/etc. before I commit to them once and for all?
I bought this from the 2nd hand shop recently thinking it was very chic...that is, until Jason pointed out the it's a golf ball ...with a tee...and a golf club handle.
She walked up and said "like my outfit!?"
I said yes, and reached for my camera, and she pulled the hat off and said "no, I look dumb." I told her she looked SO cute, but I still feel sad she's approaching the age where how you look matters...

Today we had a family come over for a possible daycare gig of the cutest little girl. Anyway, as we were talking, I asked how they put her to sleep, and mentioned that I rocked all my kids to sleep. About 2 hours later, Brookelyn came up apprehensively...like she had something to ask, but didn't know how. Then she said "Mom....? Um, why did you tell those people you rock us to sleep?" I started to laugh, and then she started giggling. The more she laughed, the more I laughed...the more she laughed. I told her I said I rocked all my kids, but she swears I said I rock them all to sleep...

We sang a hymn before bed, and Elliot had quite the vibrato going on...and when the song ended, Brookelyn said "mom, guess what? When, um, Elliot sings the Pledge of Allegiance, he sings it opera." Of course Elliot was embarrassed and denied it, but he also had this confused look. I could tell he was thinking "we don't even sing the Pledge of Allegiance..." so I said "Do you mean the Star Spangled Banner?" She did, and then she was like "Elliot, you sing opera..." and he disagreed, and she was all flabbergasted, and said giggling "Elliot, you were just doing it when we sang the hymn...." Totally like, ahem...her mother. If it's obvious you were doing something, who am I to let you get away with saying you weren't? :)


Food coloring....

..it washes off bodies much nicer than it comes out of frieze carpet.

playing in puddles~


Dad's sneakers.


Happy 8th.

He fell asleep in meeting...and wasn't thrilled to wake up and blow out candles.

...that last candle reserved for Grace, or maybe Allison.

Me: i think it's a ball! Elliot: No, don't think so... Me: "Yeah!! A ball!" Elliot" "Nuh-uh, mom..."

My dad passed down hs very first gun that he received when he was 12 to Elliot. After presentng Elliot wth the 22, he asked "is 8 old enough for a 22...?" :)
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