I love my Grandpa...
and I love
pictures of him...
with my boys.
My Grandma is a sweetie...this is her with my niece, Anya.
we had a special breakfast on an ordinary day.
It was special because they were there.


Neisha said...


Ben, Heather and kids said...

grandpa and grandma's make the littlest things so much better! (great shots on your photog blog!)

Elissa & Logan said...

this is a sweet post amber! :) i hope im as awesome as a grandma as my grandma is someday!

anymommy said...

So sweet. I haven't been by in a while and I LOVE the picture in your header.

Your dream cracked me up. Glad I wasn't that rude in person!! And, maybe I should stop writing about what a hurry I'm in all the time...I'm giving people bad dreams.

So...are you going to BlogHer?

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