The Cage.

(^the view from our bedroom window^)

(^The view from the back door^)

We've been meaning to put up a chain link fence since before we moved in FOUR years ago...Archer took a little field trip that nearly scared me to death, and viola....one week later we have a fence. He can open the doors, so it was definitely time, since back there on the right is a pond.


Mindy said...

archer can open doors? wow. i guess kaia is too short to even try.

Heather T said...

awesome! glad it's up!;0)

Neisha said...

I was at a friends place today where they have a fence. I wish I had something like that when my kids were little.

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

It looks GREAT! It give you such a peace of mind. We LOVE ours, and were ever we do end up moving we will be putting a fence up. It's nice to be able to open the door and let them go and not have to worry. I'm glad you got it up, just in time for spring/summer :)

Burchibunch said...

Thumbs up on the fence! I was crossing my fingers the tax refund would blow my socks off and there would be money for a fence....not so much this year! Someday I would still like one even though the girls are older and know their boundaries.

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