sugar high

In order to get him to smile...we say "Smile if you love ----!"
....this is him stifling a smile :)
I'm pretty sure this look says "why do I have to get my picture taken with a dumb cookie?"
I bought these because I liked the color of the frosting...as you'll see below, I was pretty much a failure at frosting.

*don't recommend the silicone pans. nightmare.


Neisha said...

love the red jammies

Lindsay said...

mmmm- looks yummy! i have silicone muffin pans, but i use them for freezing soup/applesauce/squash in individual portions. MUCH easier than trying to dig frozen "pucks" out of metal ones. did things not bake well? just curious so i know whether or not to waste my time using them for baking... :)

Amber said...

They stuck, even though I greased them :)

Heather T said...

yum! i could go for one of those cookies with a cup of coffee:0) looks like you had a nice day:0)

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