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sleepy head.
We needed to make a valentine box for Elliot, but we didn't have tape, so this is what I did to improvise.
After decorations.
EPIC kitchen fail. Apparently not microwave safe...but don't worry, I got the flames put out no problem.

Hmm...pepper. I cleaned up a similar mess a few days ago on the counter...this is my pot holder drawer. Maybe I should bake more often?

Home-made petit fours. First attempt....no to shabby for a novice. I have a complete post coming on the love day festivities our family is doing, but that'll be coming next week.

Any one have specific things they like to read blogs for? Decorating tips? Cooking? Photography? I am going to be adding a few new sections to my blog, so if theres anything specific you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see if I can work it in!

I should probably just admit it already that I would love to be one of those bloggers who have people throwing stuff at them to give away and has thousands of readers...but I also know that I do it because it makes me happy and that should be the point, so I'm just going to be content with that.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I need the 7$ at some point for the entry fee. i can pay this and have you pay me back later.

You need a title for the entry, and they need to be at the high school on Feb. 26. If you cant bring it in, give it to me before hand and i can have it hung for you.

The judge will give comentary i believe around 10-10:30 on Saturday [27th] so if you want to be there for that you know when.

it can be picked up at 4:30-5pm on sunday [28th] or i can just grab it for you. either way works for me.

Sarah said...

I freaking LOVE your blog header! It looks like it belongs in a magazine.

Lindsay said...

ditto on the header- awesome color!! yeah, i'd love to have hundreds of readers and do nifty giveaways too- wouldn't it just be the coolest?? i might do one for hats or something- we'll see! and i love reading your blog just because, but a photog section would rock :)

Mindy said...

decorating stuff would be cool. it's always fun to get new inspiration.

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