I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Typically, I would care that Blogger insists on posting my picture vertical, instead of horizontal how I took it, but today, I don't! It's Girls Night Out!

Okay, so it's a mini van, but it's not the details that are important....It's Girls Night Out! I still want to squeal like I did when I was a little girl going for a sleepover...so excited!


Bedroom Curtains

Pictures don't really do them justice, because we need a new light in our room that isn't so dim, but my friend Sarah made these for me...okay, I ironed and sewed a few seams :) They look awesome though...even my Dad complimented me on them and he is more of a beige type guy :) Thanks again, Sarah! I love to sew now, and can actually thread my machine all by myself!


Valentines Day Dinner

My mom is awesome...and traded places with us so we could have a quiet, romantic dinner at her place, while they watched the kids and put them to bed at ours.
Chocolate dipped fortune cookies...a sweet touch.

Stoking the fire to keep us warm.
This was how pretty the table looked when we walked in. My mom should really open a bed a breakfast...ahem, mom!
I wore this cute little apron to prepare the meal, which was really only putting the prepared steak into the oven and warming the rolls. We had issues with the apron clashing with my outfit, so we scrapped the pictures of me wearing it and you get this instead.
Steak, rolls, cheesy pototoes....delicious!
You'd think I was a camel the way I slammed the water out of this pretty bottle.
Classic picture-of-our-reflection shot.
We took the Wii along, and after playing awhile, I opted to take a nice quiet bath in my parents ginormous hot tub. The thing makes me feel tiny because the jets blow me all around the tub if I don't hang on. No wonder kids love baths.
Thank you so much mom, for preparing this beautiful night for us!


Wordless Wednesday


sugar high

In order to get him to smile...we say "Smile if you love ----!"
....this is him stifling a smile :)
I'm pretty sure this look says "why do I have to get my picture taken with a dumb cookie?"
I bought these because I liked the color of the frosting...as you'll see below, I was pretty much a failure at frosting.

*don't recommend the silicone pans. nightmare.

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