*This color looks way different that it really is. I'll have to try a shot in the day light. There is going to be a shelf above these with yellow containers labeled with legos and other things that I prefer to control.*

I'm going to get better at posting the things my kids say that make me laugh, which is all the time. (catchy name to come!)

Anyway, this morning while I was putting the decals on their bedroom wall, she asked if I was doing hers next. I replied that I did hers already, and she said "But mom, it's in Spanish!" Of course, it's really in cursive...but I laughed anyway.


Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Very cute. Like how you put them on scattered. I need inspiration on my boys room - way too babyish right now. I'm hoping to get new comforters but at the moment they keep crawling into C's twin bed to sleep together so I'm wondering if I'm better off getting a double & switching out their beds (T's in a toddler bed right now... but suppose L could inherit it soon. Crazy!) Like your ideas anyway : )

Heather T said...


Neisha said...

great idea!

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