A quick update....

  • We finally bought a Wii. We found an awesome deal on everything we wanted, and Jason being the awesome dad that he is, forked over his birthday money to buy us some family fun :) (you look SO HOT in the camo you already own, baby....)
  • I am OFFICIALLY done nursing! I loved it until one day I didn't anymore and roughly 41/2 months later we are finally done. We still bond in the morning, but it's more like he pokes me eyeball out and says "EYE!!" and I take his hand and point gently and say "Eye...good job!" Just so you all know, weaning sucks a duck. It hurts literally, and hurts your heart when your (last) baby begs and pleads "peaasssse momma, peeeaassss!" But then you get over that when you think about the 12 or so teeth and all that freedom! I can't wait for the freedom of not having to wear more than one bra at a clip.
  • I love decorating! And Organization!
  • We sold 3 things on Craigslist last week...2 of them pertaining to babies and I didn't even cry. Pretty proud of myself, but then again I would be rough housing someone in a very threatening manner if I found myself "with child" so I think I can officially wave goodbye to the baby days and move on to the next stage of my life. I'm going through our house and selling off or giving away things we don't use :)
  • My parents are hopping over to Africa for a few weeks...if anyone has anything they'd like to send along, they have gotten some SCI bags that they can fill and take over for the people there. I would love to send baby clothes for orphanages over there...and have to find out what and where I can send things. If anyone has information on that, let me know.
  • I don't know if any of you have seen the pictures Dan Henry took of Haiti, but I would be glad to send packages there as well if anyone has an address of where I can send things. It makes me so sad to think especially of the children and since we are in a land of plenty, I would like to stop buying for my own kids and start helping out the kids who have nothing.
  • I've gotten kind of a wake up call about the frivolity of our lives here in America and hope that I can remember each time I think we *need* the newest gadget or toy, that there are people who have nothing and all the newest things don't make us any happier.
  • Going back to my New Years Resolution, I think the kids would really enjoy pen pals from a different country, so again if anyone has addresses or anything of children you think would also enjoy that, please let me know. Elliot and Brookelyn love to write letters, so if you think even YOUR child would like to write back and forth, let me know! :)
  • >insert the thing I was goiing to write and forgot what it was here<


shaunandhelen said...

I have Dan H.'s mom's address who is handling funds for Haitian friends email me at shaunandhelen@yahoo.com if you want the address... not sure about goods but would be a resource anyway.

Heather S said...

Helen beat me too it!
We met with his mom, sister and brothers when we lived in IA, so i have all their #/addresses too. Let me know what you find out. we have a *few* items pertaining to kids we could do without!

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