Her name is Blanche.

Perhaps some smaller buttons?
Okay ladies...is there a market for homemade rag dolls? Would you buy her? What would you change about her? More hair? Shorter hair? Longer hair? Less Hair? Buttons for eyes? How much would you be willing to pay? How much would you pay if it was going to a really good cause? Opinions please :)

If I decide to keep making these little dollies, I'm going to have to use the sewing machine. Hand sewing her took a long time.

P.S. She is made with all recycled materials...:)


Heather T said...

she's adorable! i'd leave her just like she is...uniquely yours:0) i would definitely buy her...and especially if it was for a good cause:0)

Lindsay said...

way cute!!! go for it... i have a table at the craft fair here on saturday if you want to set a few out... :)

Amber said...

Well...let me see what I can whip up. Thanks...it would be a good way to see if they will sell or not :)

Cheri said...

i was going to say button eyes before i even read this post!

Ben, Heather and kids said...

Love her! I'd skip the button eyes. I LOVE the face on last doll. I'd easily spend $20+ on a doll like this for my girls (and possibly nieces). Could you customized the doll.. ex.. dark skin, black/straight hair.. blonde hair/blue eyes?!
awesome work amber!

Amber said...

I would gladly take custom orders :)

Ben, Heather and kids said...

I'll be in touch :) thx!!

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

I love her! even the large button eyes. I wonder what strips of torn fabric would look like as hair?

Sarah said...

Awww, too cute! I'd totally buy one.

Neisha said...

I love the big blue buttons, leave them! I want to make one of these rag dolls but haven't gotten to it yet.
She's cute, I agree with Heather, she's unique. Make her how you want to since you're putting in all the work.

Anonymous said...

I want one that looks like me, but less cute... so I can say I'm cuter.

Elizabeth said...

More hair, buttonless eyes... but she's absolutely adorable either way! However, one of my favorite parts of her is the hand stitched look... is there a way to accomplish that look with a machine?

fidget said...

she's cute! my kids would pick button eyes off and possibly eat them (depending on which kid)

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