We're pretending i'm a cow, and Trae is feeding me stale Kix. "Say moo, mom! Why you laughing mom? Why you laughing?"

Trae and Archer are both crying, Archer because he fell he is so tired, Trae because Archer is. Then Trae stops and says "why I crying gain, mom?"
We're going out tonight! Can't wait!


Her name is Blanche.

Perhaps some smaller buttons?
Okay ladies...is there a market for homemade rag dolls? Would you buy her? What would you change about her? More hair? Shorter hair? Longer hair? Less Hair? Buttons for eyes? How much would you be willing to pay? How much would you pay if it was going to a really good cause? Opinions please :)

If I decide to keep making these little dollies, I'm going to have to use the sewing machine. Hand sewing her took a long time.

P.S. She is made with all recycled materials...:)


*I've been in the mood to paint...this is my first little painting in years.
Elliot snuck outside the other day and I caught this pic through the window.
I wish this photo wasn't blurry...I love her dimples.
Nap time this afternoon...
*Brookelyn has been sick with a bad cough, so she was home today. She is the best sister ever.
Guess who thought *they* were funny writing "dod" instead of "dad" ...? Poor dad failed to get the joke :) I took this picture an hour or two after they stuck it there...

This afternoon, Elliot and Brookelyn were fighting. Elliot came rushing up crying pretty hard and saying Brookleyn hit him. I asked what she hit him with because he was screaming bloody murder and he said "a smoother." I had no idea, so he ran to get it and came back with a rolling pin! She only looks sweet and innocent...

This got great reveiws on facebook...I promise a smile at least ;)


child's play


*This color looks way different that it really is. I'll have to try a shot in the day light. There is going to be a shelf above these with yellow containers labeled with legos and other things that I prefer to control.*

I'm going to get better at posting the things my kids say that make me laugh, which is all the time. (catchy name to come!)

Anyway, this morning while I was putting the decals on their bedroom wall, she asked if I was doing hers next. I replied that I did hers already, and she said "But mom, it's in Spanish!" Of course, it's really in cursive...but I laughed anyway.

sleep is that much sweeter on pretty bedding...


I remembered what I was going to say...

...So Trae just decided to go from not potty trained to potty trained with the snap of my fingers, which is awesome. Still debating about wearing underwear out in public because it's been 2 days of completely dry and I don't want to have to clean a mess up in public.

Also...awhile back we were at Sam's club and Brookelyn saw this guy we know named Rory (Lewis) so she was lik e"MOMMOMOMMOMOMOMOMOM!! That's someone we know..." and I was like "Soooo, do you think he's cute or something?" and she said "Moooooom..." I'm thinking yes. Trae has a gigantic crush on Megan (Anderson) and begs all the way to meeting to sit by her and is HUGELY disappointed if they are out of town, and anyway...it's better than letting boys kiss her. Which, by the way, lots of them like to do. She takes it in stride and is like "Well he kissed me...but onwe on da neck!" Anyway, thought that was cute and since most of you know these kids, I thought I'd share :)


A quick update....

  • We finally bought a Wii. We found an awesome deal on everything we wanted, and Jason being the awesome dad that he is, forked over his birthday money to buy us some family fun :) (you look SO HOT in the camo you already own, baby....)
  • I am OFFICIALLY done nursing! I loved it until one day I didn't anymore and roughly 41/2 months later we are finally done. We still bond in the morning, but it's more like he pokes me eyeball out and says "EYE!!" and I take his hand and point gently and say "Eye...good job!" Just so you all know, weaning sucks a duck. It hurts literally, and hurts your heart when your (last) baby begs and pleads "peaasssse momma, peeeaassss!" But then you get over that when you think about the 12 or so teeth and all that freedom! I can't wait for the freedom of not having to wear more than one bra at a clip.
  • I love decorating! And Organization!
  • We sold 3 things on Craigslist last week...2 of them pertaining to babies and I didn't even cry. Pretty proud of myself, but then again I would be rough housing someone in a very threatening manner if I found myself "with child" so I think I can officially wave goodbye to the baby days and move on to the next stage of my life. I'm going through our house and selling off or giving away things we don't use :)
  • My parents are hopping over to Africa for a few weeks...if anyone has anything they'd like to send along, they have gotten some SCI bags that they can fill and take over for the people there. I would love to send baby clothes for orphanages over there...and have to find out what and where I can send things. If anyone has information on that, let me know.
  • I don't know if any of you have seen the pictures Dan Henry took of Haiti, but I would be glad to send packages there as well if anyone has an address of where I can send things. It makes me so sad to think especially of the children and since we are in a land of plenty, I would like to stop buying for my own kids and start helping out the kids who have nothing.
  • I've gotten kind of a wake up call about the frivolity of our lives here in America and hope that I can remember each time I think we *need* the newest gadget or toy, that there are people who have nothing and all the newest things don't make us any happier.
  • Going back to my New Years Resolution, I think the kids would really enjoy pen pals from a different country, so again if anyone has addresses or anything of children you think would also enjoy that, please let me know. Elliot and Brookelyn love to write letters, so if you think even YOUR child would like to write back and forth, let me know! :)
  • >insert the thing I was goiing to write and forgot what it was here<


Trae's Birthday

Monster Truck cookie cake from the Cookie Company...
He was pleased :)

It was a special treat to have Grandpa Steve with him on his birthday...
Licking the frosting :)

We had Panda Express for supper after taking him to Toys R' Us where he picked out a Buzz Light Year bike and helmet...and a horn. After letting the kids play for awhile in the play place, we went to Scheel's and grandpa treated them to a hunting game before we headed home. We are having a birthday dinner for Jason and Trae with my family this Sunday.
Man am I tired these days. We have so much going on and the kids have been up with hacking coughs half the night, that I barely have the energy to make it through the day. I am in the process of re=organizing our entire house and man does it feel awesome. Soon, when it's all done, i'm going to have pictures of the new floors and paint...and you can see the end result that has kept me from this blog :)

P.S. I'm thinking about deleting my facebook account, that might give me more time to blog again!


Happy Birthday Trae!

On his list of birthday requests: A drill and a gun :)


My second term classes are starting this week...I posted most of our holiday pictures on facebook, and since there were over 200 and it's overwhelming for me...go there to see what we did if you are interested ;)


Resolutions...? Revolutions...? Revelations...?

  • Donate things with my children to families in need and/or domestic abuse shelters.
  • Begin volunteering at a food pantry or shelter...good for me, good for my eventual resume.
  • Prepare healthier meals for my family.
  • Exercise to relieve stress, and not make it about weight loss.
  • Focus on organization, and rid my home of things I no longer use. Period.
On a side note...maybe I should add procrastination to the list. I will post photos from the holidays. Eventually....maybe. :)
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