We had a great holiday...hope everyone else did as well!


Thank goodness for camera phones :)

Archer and my niece, Anya. The adults and older kids were playing Would You Rather, so they made their own fun by throwing all the newspaper for starting fires around the living room. HUGE mess!
Trae and his new BB gun from grandma and grandpa. :)



Theres some picture previews here for anyone looking ;)


A little harsh? I think yes...


I photographed this beautiful family on Saturday, you can find more photos HERE, but I just loved this one!



Life is flying by with nothing really exciting to report. I took 2 classes that are pretty demanding this term, so it feels like I can't keep up...but 7 more weeks and hopefully I'll have some lighter classes so I can catch my breath.

We had a great Thanksgiving, and I took my camera but didn't even get it out. Jason hunted, but didn't take anything. He and the kids enjoyed themselves anyway, and I hear thats all that matters :)

We get to see Nate, Marsha, and the girls come New Years, so we're looking forward to that. I love this time of year...but I really don't like driving in bad weather. I know it's WI and this is what it does in WI, but I just dread the winter months every year because I get so stressed out driving in it, and also, I spend months freezing my butt off.

That about all for now...hope everyone had great holidays!



You'd think the broad who runs this blog would update this thing already...GOSH!

Well, she'd like me to tell you that besides being sick and having her kids sick...she also hasn't used her camera in ages because she'd then have to edit said photos and she already has a BIG batch of photos waiting to be edited. Stop holding your breath now...she can't be held responsible for deaths occurring while people hold their breath and wait for updates. Although on second thought...she's not arrogant enough to think people even care if she updates her (lackluster) blog, besides her little sister...so this ones for you, Roy.


Happy Halloween!


Wishing for this weather again...

I never blogged this day we took the kids to the park, and found it on my camera today :)


Subject I like the least and why? "Math, case I need a ceclater." I HATE math...so I feel his pain. Apparently he rushes through his work and makes lots of mistakes, but knows how to correct them....without a calculator.


When Trae was born:

Elliot and Brookelyn had to keep their eyes shut until we got the baby...(he must've been in the nursery or somewhere when they first got up there?) then we video taped their reaction to him :) Thought they were so little and adorable waiting to meet their brother, and decided to share.


30 minute salvage yard shoot...with the camera timer for the family shots:)

father and son? i think yes...
I love this of Elliot, and plan to print it and hang it on the wall...
not as crazy about these of the other kids for the wall.
but they are cute for an album or collage :)

...and one of these will also be printed for the wall, which is your favorite?


Better late than never?

Brookelyn had a blast with Rochelle and Adriana at convention...we were quite entertained by them as well :)

He turned 2 and it's like a switch flipped...


Brotha from anotha Motha

Unnamed and Hurley
Would it make you laugh hysterically if we named him Mullet, or would you be mad?
You could say Hurley's a little jealous...
Trying to get them to cooperate for the photo...all Hurley was interested in was sniffing his butt :p


Archer and Brookelyn's Birthday Bash :)

I spent 5 hours on this cake, gravity was not nice. (although, it was supposed to be crooked and leaning...it wasn't supposed to look like he was falling off the cake. I improvised and made his hat so it looked somewhat intentional :) )
sugar...(these were the favors...simple and sweet. pun!)

and more sugar!
birthday puppy :)
Speedy (how original!)
loving his ride on the tortoise.
approximately 70 years old!
peeking to see what animals were in the trailer...
a miniature horse!

baby clown...
he was fine until we totally squeezed his real nose off with the foam clown nose.
clown action
i owe these guys, but especially Casey...who is my brother-in-law. I literally choked on my soda when Misty, my sister...his wife, said "you look like an Urkel clown or something..." when he walked out of the bathroom. Thanks dude :)
Then I suggested he juggle on this thing, thinking he would tell me he has limits...but he went for it!
face painting.

Kelbert family photo card.


Elliot trying to make Archer sit still to have his face painted.
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