what we've been up to: unedited

If you love the hats, go to Green Vanilla Baby and send her a message!

2 minutes barefoot in the snow...tops!


Archer and Trae hugs each other all the time :)

my canine-niece, rome.

Archer was falling asleep at auntie Nikki's birthday party...and when I started taking pictures, I got this reaction.

...Grandpa rubbed his feet and sang a little and he gave in. But then we had to wash him up and he was awake for about 3 more hours that night.
I pulled another tooth out for Brookelyn, 2 in one week.

photographers kids always cooperate...
He was "hiding" so I could take any more pictures, but I think theres at least 100 after this point.
I love this zebra rug for pictures...but I priced them out and won't be adding one to my repretiore, not even close to in the budget.
Snuggling brothers.
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