We're still invading my parents house because we are waiting the required week before we can move back into our bedrooms and get all situated at home once again. Not much new to report, just a few funny stories :)
  • Today my mom and I ran into Sam's to get a ping pong table and while my mom ran in to get it, I stayed in the truck with the boys. Trae had messed his pants and since my parents have a Power Stroke with a ginormous front seat, I just lifted him up to the front to change him. Meanwhile, there were 2 guys unloading all their stuff in to their truck. Right in the middle of an atrociously rancid smelling diaper change, Trae starts pushing the lock button on the automatic lock and the horn keeps beeping. Since I am up to my elbows in, ahem, poo...theres really nothing I can do. After the 5th or 6th time, one of the guys looks at me like I'm crazy (which, I totally get, since to him I'm sure it looked like I was kneeling on all fours in the front seat of my truck beeping the horn repeatedly. I tried to say with my facial expression that I wasn't beeping the horn at him, but he didn't seem to get it...thinking fast I pulled Trae's feet up above the dash so he could (hopefully) get that I was changing a diaper. In the meantime, Trae presses the panic button and instead of beep....beep...beep..beep..we have BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP!!!
  • We took the kids to the mall play area the other day and there was a little African American girl named Simone there who had the hots for Elliot. She was so so adorable with her braids and very outgoing. When we got ready to go, she came up and wrapped her arms tightly around his waste, and of course he's holding his hands above his head so as not to embrace her...and she's full on hugging him as tight as she can. He starts trying to walk his way out of it, and she just keeps following him and hugging for all she's worth. I, of course, am laughing my head off because it's hilarious, and Elliot's going "moooom...mooom!" Then we tell Simone goodbye and she says to Elliot "will you be back tomorrow?" He tells her no, and not taking no for an answer she says without a beat "I'll just see you tomorrow!" He repeats again that he's not coming back and she says "I'll see ya tomorrow!!"
  • Also at Sam's today, when we finally got the ping pong table purchased and ready to be loaded into the truck, they discover it's to big and won't fit in my dad's truck. These 2 guys were not so bright...one guy had his glasses over his hat verses on his ears...and after trying to get it in every which way, looks at my mom and tells her it would fit if she took the topper off, as if she could leave the topper there to take the ping pong table home.
At some point I'll have tons of photos to post, but I'm not in the blogging mood really...and besides these kids are constantly on the move. We've been shopping shopping shopping. Our floors look awesome and I have tons of plans for organizing and decorating and I can't wait. We are still debating getting a Wii, we're just not sure if we want to invest so much money into it...so we'll see.
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