Defeated in the cabin...
This is the part where Trae ran into the field and had to be carried kicking and screaming back into the cabin because he wanted to go with daddy and the big kids.
Jason, Elliot, and Brookelyn off to hunt in the afternoon.
Coming back from the big hunt...

Brookelyn hunted with dad all day...they shot at a buck in the afternoon, but never found it in the swamp.
Off on the big hunt.
When they went out the door, Trae took off running around the truck and came back with his shot gun and bug juice.

Trae got to sit with grandpa in the tree stand "and I wasn't even scared!"
Little stinker climbs.on.everything...
Jason was just trying to gross me out...and it worked. (copying Nate and fresh out of the shower!)
Nate the marathon runner sporting a special marathon stache'
Trae always wants to sleep with Kimberly when she comes, but ends up going to sleep outside our bedroom door :)
There are so many pictures of my bare butt in the tub when I was little, I figured what better tradition to start?

This little expression reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes,

These 2 LOVE their baths and usually take 2 per day...

Elliot and Grandpa shot a doe...he was pretty proud of it. There was a 6 point buck out in the field, but it was to small and he didn't want to shoot at it :)

Trae and I went along to help track it.

Clearly there is a difference between little boys and girls.

These remind me of 3-d ultrasound photos...can you imagine if your baby had a full set of teeth while still in the womb?
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